Water attraction pumps

Great water attractions need great pumps. We’ve manufactured pumps for decades and our long experience and know how make the pumps that you need.

Water attraction pumps - Details

The difference between JetStream pumps and other pumps on the market? Quite a few features, like long machine life span and mechanical endurance.

Because the impeller is designed with special materials, our pump is also very forgiving with short dry-runs: no danger of overheating and impeller deformation.


Water attraction pumps - Technical Data

Pumps for attractions:

400 V 3.500 Watt (2,5″)
400 V 3.500 Watt (2″)
400 V 2.500 Watt (2″)
230 V 3.200 Watt (2,5″)
230 V 3.200 Watt (2″)
230 V 1.700 Watt (2″)
Suitable for use with frequency inverter.

Self-priming pumps:

230 V 1.800 Watt
230 V 3.200 Watt
400 V 2.500 Watt
400 V 3.500 Watt
Above-water installation.


Water attraction pumps - Accessories

  • Electrical control box corresponding  to pump performance.
  • Electrical control box with time switch.
  • Electrical control box for units with lighting.
  • Extractor for impeller

Water attraction pumps - Downloads


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