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JetStream FloatingLounge

Some innovations make so much sense that we simply can’t imagine life without them anymore. For example,
phones that not only make calls but also let us listen to music and access the Internet.
There’s something very similar about our JetStream FloatingLounge. It also combines functions that previously
needed several separate devices.

The JetStream FloatingLounge is essentially a spa, a massage center, and a fitness
center, all in one. And it can be integrated into just about any swimming pool. With its amazing array of functions
packed into an inviting and exciting design, JetStream FloatingLounge is a perfect opportunity to make swimming
pools, spas, or hotels even more attractive


Dynamic aqua sports

  • Relaxing swimming
  • Vigorous swimming
  • Aqua jogging
  • Aqua walking

Flexibility and strength training

  • For feet and knees:
    calf stretches, leg lifts, and treading water
  • For the hips:
    forward lunges, straddles, crawl kicks, one-leg jumps, and changeovers
  • For the spine:
    thigh stretches, knee curls, presses, and cycling
  • For the shoulders:
    cross-arm stretches, hanging stretches, and shoulder pulls
  • For the arms:
    elbow bends, arm stretches, push boarding, standing breaststroke, and tennis-serve stretches


  • Relaxing or muscle-loosening fullbody massages
  • Massages of individual body parts like the back, shoulders, gluteus muscles, legs, and soles
  • Deep relaxation
  • Floating


  • Release of myofascial tension
  • Customized muscle and joint training
  • Improved muscle circulation
  • Improved metabolism
  • Pain relief
  • Regulation of the autonomic nerve system
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Improved mobility
  • Strengthening of the immune system

All-in-One solution

Our JetStream FloatingLounge unites numerous, indivually programmable features: full body massages, ambitious athletic exercises and hydrotherapy in the medical and rehabilitation sector.

Countercurrent system

An integrated countercurrent system for relaxed swimming, aqua walking, or full-fledged Olympic exercise programs. It features a swivel mounted jet nozzle with adjustable pressures.


The JetStream FloatingLounge is made of highgrade, skin-friendly synthetic materials and comes fully pre-assembled.



Twelve continuously adjustable nozzles for
muscle, back, leg, and foot reflex zone massages.
That means relaxation from the back of your neck to the tip of your toes. Massage times and pressures can be individually programmed via the control unit.

Technical fittings

The technical fittings are rounded off with stainless steel hand rails. Always giving you a firm grip on the wide range of exercise options.

``The JetStream FloatingLounge is one of the most aesthetically pleasing combinations of sense and sensibility! Its multifunctionality enables the use of this innovative product in nearly every setting and for all types of people”
Dr. Claudia Weber orthopedist and former contender for the German Olympic swimming team

FloatingLounge - Details

  • Basic version for niche installation
  • Basic colour white, other colours on request

FloatingLounge - technical data

  • Made of high-grade, skin-friendly synthetic materials
  • 11x JetStream LIBRA massage nozzles (stainless steel)
  • 1x JetStream VIVA massage system (stainless steel)
  • 1 jet countercurrent system (stainless steel) including swivel nozzle with fully adjustable flow
  • Integrated suction
  • Stable handgrips made of stainless steel
  • Power consumption: 3.500 Watt
  • Voltage: three-phase current (~3N 230/400 V AC)
  • Frequency-controlled pump with 2-inch connection
  • Switch cabinet
  • Including 1x high-grade 12,1” touchscreen

FloatingLounge - accessoires

  • Side covering on request
  • Massage hose that can be attached to the swivel jet
  • Wall support for the pump
  • Telescopic support for the pump

FLoatingLounge - Downloads


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