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Massage system - JetStream VIVA

True wellness comes from deep down. JetStream VIVA proves this is tinglingly true. For your whole body. JetStream VIVA is a five-hole nozzle which fits almost flush with the floor of your swimming pool – it only stands up a few millimetres. JetStream VIVA: the name says it all. With the revitalising force of five nozzles, it massages your body evenly all over from your feet upwards.

You are wrapped in a powerful, tingling, upward stream, which simultaneously relaxes you, invigorates you and soothes away your day-to-day tribulations. JetStream VIVA gives you the feeling that you have escaped from the forces of gravity and time. In short: JetStream VIVA is the word for wellness, pure and simple.

JetStream VIVA - Details

Different models of JetStream VIVA  are available: QUAD stainless steel, ROUND stainless steel and in premium quality white plastic materials with stainless steel.


JetStream VIVA - Technical Data

  • Flow: 18 litres per second (65 m³/h)
  • 5-jet wellness nozzle
  • Air bubble bath
  • Separate suction
  • Power consumption 3.500 Watt
  • Voltage: three-phase current (~3N 400 V AC)
  • Single-phase alternating current available (~1N 230 V AC)
  • Salt water resistant up to 3 %
  • Optional separate pneumatic on/off air switch
  • Stainless steel version with JetStream PIEZO available

JetStream VIVA - Accessories

  • Wall support for pump
  • Telescopic support for pump
  • Suction regulator (2 per jet)
  • Flange for pools with brush-applied sealant

Interested in JetStream VIVA?