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Countercurrent system - JetStream MIRO

JetStream MIRO is not only an impressive sight in the side of the pool, but can also add a sophisticated touch to any swimming pool steps. The performance matches the appearance. With a maximum flow of 18 litres per second, the mighty JetStream MIRO is one of the big boys of the JetStream range. But as with all JetStream counter-current systems, on JetStream MIRO too the force of the jet can be fully regulated with the control knob.

With JetStream MIRO you can do far more than just try your strength at swimming. Turn the knob and the thrusting flow from the nozzle changes to a soft shower of bubbles. Use the massage hose and the back jet to loosen up tense muscles and relax exactly those parts of your body which need it most. Or turn the pressure down to half power and stand right in front of the nozzle for a powerful all-over massage. You'll have to hold on tight though, perhaps using the handles you will find among the JetStream accessories.

JetStream MIRO - Details

Its small diameter allows JetStream MIRO to be integrated in all kinds of steps. And special installation kits are available for visible above-water concrete walls and for installation just below the overflow channel.


JetStream MIRO - Technical Data

  • Power consumption: 1.700 to 3.500 Watt | 2 x 3.500 Watt (400 V)
  • Flow: 12 to 21 litres per second | 42 litres per second
  • 1-4 swivel nozzles with fully adjustable flow
  • Air bubble bath
  • 1-2 on/off pneumatic air switch, in stainless steel or white
  • Stainless steel version with JetStream PIEZO available
  • Separate suction
  • Suction grille in stainless steel or white
  • Voltage: three-phase current (~3N 400 V AC)
  • Single-phase alternating current available (~1N 230 V AC)

JetStream MIRO - Accessories

  • Liner kit for liner or polyester pools
  • Wall support for 3,5 kW pump
  •  Telescopic support for pump
  • Stainless steel handgrip
  • Massage hose
  • Massage nozzle

Interested in JetStream MIRO?