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Water and air, innovative energy and quality.

That’s how we transform your pool into an oasis of fun, a fountain of youth, a world of pleasure, a source of unforgettable moments with your family and friends and especially, of course, for you. Plunge into a world of pleasure – uwe JetStream , a medium-sized enterprise with many benefits: lean structures, efficient processes and a staff with a personal touch who go the extra mile.


Water is our element.

Founded in 1948 as specialist for underwater-motor pumps we later enlarged our focus by developing and manufacturing swimming pool technology. 1967 set the course for the future: the worldwide first countercurrent unit. Created by ourselves and aptly called JetStream, it became the new company name. Our invention revolutionised the traditional swimming pool. By regulating the current, even small pools can become really exiting – even for trained athletes.

Today uwe JetStream is the worldwide renowned manufacturer of swimming pool technology for domestic and public pools. Our range of products includes countercurrent units, massage jets, pumps, accessories and much more. As leader in innovative and quality products we distribute our systems in more than 50 countries around the world.


Being the inventor of the countercurrent unit creates high expectations.

It’s a commitment that we cultivate intensely, with groundbreaking technical innovations and designs that pave the way for tomorrow’s trends. We often look “beyond the edge of the pool” and put our heads together with inventors, developers and designers of other disciplines.

The success of longlasting and trend-setting innovative products depends on quality standards that are above reproach. All our products are manufactured in Germany and delivered pre-mounted to our customers. We focus on integral system solutions. With regards to materials, function and performance, JetStream products are coordinated and complement each other – from pump to countercurrent or massage systems. Single-source supply and only the very best quality – our passion and day-by-day challenge.

Our innovative power sets trends.
And our Quality sets benchmarks.

uwe JetStream – the original

Everything from one source and in the highest quality.

We think ahead for you!

With technical innovations and pioneering designs.

The right product for everyone

In Germany produced integrated system solutions.

Water is our element

Swimming against the current for more than 70 years.
Founding year!

As a specialist for submersible motor pumps.

The world's first countercurrent system!

Invented by us and named JetStream.

JetStream today!

Worldwide renowned manufacturer of swimming pool technology.

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