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Massage system - JetStream LIBRA

No one is the same as anyone else. So everyone's requirement for the best position of a massage nozzle in the side of their pool is different. The answer is JetStream LIBRA – for an even spread. JetStream LIBRA is a massage system which can consist of three, four or five separate jets. The nozzles are positioned exactly where you want them. For example, level with your neck, coccyx and knees. Or your neck, shoulder-blades and spine.

Just as you wish. Because the measure of all things is you! And the measure of all possible combinations is JetStream LIBRA. And just a word about the force of the jets: in a three jet system, JetStream LIBRA circulates 11 litres per second. With four jets it's 14 litres, and with five jets 18 litres per second.

JetStream LIBRA - Details

Different models of JetStream LIBRA are available: QUAD stainless steel, ROUND stainless steel and in premium quality white plastic materials.


JetStream LIBRA - Technical data

  • 3, 4 or 5 Wellness nozzles
  • Flow: 11/14/18 litres per second (40/50/65 m³/h)
  • Constant air bubble bath
  • Separate suction
  • Power consumption 3.500 Watt
  • Voltage: three-phase current (~3N 400 V AC)
  • Single-phase alternating current available (~1N 230 V AC)
  • Salt water resistant up to 3 %
  • Optional separate pneumatic on/off air switch
  • Stainless steel version with JetStream PIEZO available

JetStream LIBRA - Accessories

  • Wall support for pump
  • Telescopic support
  • Air suction regulator (1 per jet)
  • Flange for pools with brush-applied sealant (1 per jet)

Interested in JetStream LIBRA?