Water is our element

Swimming against the current for more than 70 years.


Satisfied customers are the foundation of any strong company and ours is no exception. Read our reviews.
„We use the pool quite diligently, especially my wife. She trains again, became German champion in her age group last year. At the Masters, a month ago at the World Championships in Budapest 15th and 19th in backstroke.“
Dr. Max Kirchner, Dr. Claudia Weber
„We had tested several countercurrent systems in advance and after careful consideration chose the JetStream TriVA150 and do not regret it. The capacity of 150 m³ / h is more than sufficient for us as average swimmers. We are very thrilled and recommend it for ambitious swimmers without hesitation!“
Ulrich Birkel
„The JetStream TriVA countercurrent system is used by the whole family. Everyone in individual strength according to their own fitness. Before our renovation we were not in our swimming pool too often, despite the sauna and infrared station. Now it has become a ritual for us to swim in the evening and end the day. We are happy with your water sensations and we believe that this is how we contribute to our health.“
Bernhard und Christine Bihler

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