JetStream EO filter pumps

JetStream EO – The filter pump for all requirements. Indoor, outdoor, natural pool, or garden pond – the JetStream EO filter pump series is suitable for them all, up to a volume of 130 m³. The superior processing of JetStream EO filter pumps guarantees best filter services in fresh and salt walter and in continuous contact with swimming pool chemicals.

JetStream EO Filter pumps - Details

  • The JetStream EO filter pump series is characterized by ist running smoothness.
  • Considerable power reserves in the motor ensure high reliability.
  • Enormous savings in enery are possible.
  • High-grade material ensures many years of smooth operation.
  • Can be used in all pools, even in saltwater with up to 3% (30g/l) salt content.
  • For pools up to 130 m³.

JetStream EO Filter pumps - Technical Data

  • Flow rate 8 – 26 m³/h at 8 mWS
  • Head 12 – 22 m
  • Motor power P2 0.37 – 1.5 kW
  • Voltage: three-phase current (~3N 400 V AC)
  • Single-phase alternating current available (~1N 230V AC)
  • IP55 rating
  • 2-inch connection

JetStream EO Filter pumps - Accessories

  • Extractor for impeller

JetStream EO Filter pumps - Downloads


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