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Countercurrent system - JetStream BAMBO 2

JetStream BAMBO 2 is the ultimate countercurrent system,complete with two powerful jets and a unique extra: lighting.

The two swivel jet nozzles are activated at the press of a button and can circulate up to 21 litres per second. When it's working at full power, JetStream BAMBO 2 is a force to be reckoned with, even for the fittest swimmers.

It can be gentler, though. The strength of the jets can be infinitely adjusted to suit all requirements – simply by turning the knob located to the right of the nozzle.

JetStream BAMBO 2 is the first counter-current system to have integral lighting. Two 10 Watt underwater lights create just the right ambience for your world of pleasure.

JetStream BAMBO 2 - Details

  • 2 nozzles move 21 l/s
  • Continuously adjustable flow
  • Front plate available in stainless steel or premium quality plastic in white and stainless steel optic.
  • All versions available with or without illumination.

JetStream BAMBO 2 - Technical Data

  • Power consumption: 3.500 Watt
  • Flow: 21 litres per second (75 m³/h)
  • Integrated suction
  • 2 swivel nozzles with fully adjustable flow
  • Fully adjustable air bubble bath
  • On/Off pneumatic air switch
  • Stainless steel version with JetStream PIEZO
  • Voltage: three-phase current (~3N 400 V AC)
  • Single-phase alternating current available (~1N 230 V AC)
  • LED lighting: 2 x 10 Watt (except stainless steel model)

JetStream BAMBO 2 - Accessories

  • Liner kit for liner or polyester pools, without lighting
  • Massage hose that can be attached to the swivel jet
  • Massage nozzle that can be attached to the swivel jet
  • Wall support for pump
  • Telescopic support for pump
  • Pair of handgrips for concrete pools (not for liner)
  • Pair of handgrips for prefabricated pools

Interested in JetStream BAMBO 2?